Flint Miami

Small sculpture H 130 – 50 – 20 cm
Polished stainless steel

«Flint Miami»

As a continuity of the work on the first tools made by man, the Flint Miami is a request from the agent of Pol Quadens in the US: Cynthia Reeves
The Flint Miami will be exhibited in a house hosted by collectors in Miami Beach from October 2019.

The form has been first sketched then realised immediately on sheets of steel cutted, bended, welded together then sanded and polished by Pol Quadens in his warehouse.

The result is a dynamic form, a stylised, designed first tool reflecting all its surrounding. It helps to remember that far before the art was invented by man, the main will of men was to survive in a hostile world and keep busy to hunt and feed the community.

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